Vision and Mission


TOPMAKE INTERNATIONAL MANPOWER SERVICES’ vision prevails to provide foreign employers worldwide with highly qualified and experienced Filipino workers whilst ensuring quality employment opportunities to our ever-increasing labor countryside of Luzon. Thus, TOPMAKE INTERNATIONAL MANPOWER SERVICES shall always strive to meet our foreign employers’ staffing needs and requirement whilst at the same time be a culturally sensitive, customer-driven and business-oriented advocate for the welfare of our Overseas Filipino Workers.


At TOPMAKE INTERNATIONAL MANPOWER SERVICES, we aim to provide high quality service to our clients: the thousands of Filipino professionals and skilled and unskilled workers we recruit for overseas employment, and the foreign employers worldwide who provide job opportunities to our ever-increasing labor force in the countryside. Satisfying the needs of these clients requires collaborative effort and teamwork, which are essential in ensuring the highest level of service in the recruitment industry. To provide such high quality service, we adapted the team concept, in which cross-functional teams work collectively, forming smaller individual units that meet the ideals and needs of our two clients more effectively. Our mission is geared toward our primordial concern — helping our countrymen, the Filipinos, gain a respectable living overseas. Our firm’s purpose is to create job opportunities for our huge labor force in the countryside by fulfilling this mission. To deviate from our mission is to defeat the very purpose for which TOPMAKE INTERNATIONAL MANPOWER SERVICES was organized.