Service Packages

NEGOTIATION Recruitment Specification Employer Number of workers Place of work Delivery date Qualification of standards Job descriptions Medical standard
SELECTION Recruitment Agreement TIMS/Employer Recruitment terms and procedures / Employment terms
  Advertising TIMS (as necessary)
  Short-Listing/ Screening TIMS Biodata review
  Final Selection Employer (as necessary)
  Trade Testing Employer Employer to interview
  Employment Contact Employer all selected candidates
  Medical Examination TIMS to meet requirements of employers and local laws
PRE-DEPARTURE Passport TIMS Guarantee of Authenticity
  Special Clearance TIMS (where necessary)
  VISA Employer Individual or block Visa/Passport endorsement
DEPARTURE Briefing / Orientation TIMS/Employer Airline specifications
  Travel Arrangement Employer Airport formalities
  Reception Employer TIMS to advise employer
Worksite Orientation Employer