Service Fees

Services Fee

The employer pays TOPMAKE INTERNATIONAL MANPOWER SERVICES a service fee in U.S. currency for the pre-selection, recruitment, hiring, processing, documentation and other related services rendered of every selected worker, which is usually due and payable upon the signing of the workers’ Employment Contract.
All applicants undergo mandatory medical examinations with POEA-accredited clinics and/or hospitals, the results of which in the form of written medical report are attached to the applicants’ résumés and shall be provided to the employer. Such medical tests include, but not necessarily limited to, psychological testing, urinalysis, complete blood tests, stool examinations, chest x-rays, dental tests, and physical check-up.
TOPMAKE INTERNATIONAL MANPOWER SERVICES sees to it that all applicants have valid passports.
Whenever necessary, TOPMAKE INTERNATIONAL MANPOWER SERVICES provides assistance to selected workers in obtaining the necessary exit clearances with the appropriate government agencies.
The employer is responsible for obtaining the visa and/or work permits of selected workers, which may be in the form of an individual or block visa.