Topmake International Manpower Services is a land-based recruitment agency in the Philippines that provides employees and companies alike, the opportunity to further grow and develop.

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Aiming for Excellence

Each and every aspect of our operations reflects our strong and genuine commitment to deliver a high standard of professionalism as well as reliability of service to customers. We continuously innovate and improve our operations by nurturing customer intimacy. The needs of our clients are at the core of our operation and this is what impels us to search for paramount solutions and to provide optimum services. It is our goal to be your preferred partner and for us to be able to do so, we are here to make certain that we satisfy your needs and that is to provide you with top of the line services by making available to you competent professionals who are proficient and experts in their line of work.

Dependable and Reliable at all Times

Fueled by its performance-driven culture for approximately twenty (20) years, Topmake has been continuously providing the Filipino workforce career opportunities and solutions, while at the same time, providing its foreign clients with skilled and highly qualified personnel that can deliver and meet the client’s stringent standards.

Topmake was organized and approved as a private recruitment agency in 2000, with continuous renewal of License up to the year 2024.
Adding to the prestige of Topmake is the recognition by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) for its commendable performance and accomplishment for continuously sustaining its operations for over two (2) decades. Topmake is also considered as one of the most trusted and reputable recruitment agencies in the Philippines.

Efficient Sourcing of Candidates

We have a high level selection process in finding the right people for our clients. We invested heavily for the appropriate media to help our recruitment method become more efficient in obtaining the right candidate. Our job ads are posted only to the leading and most subscribed papers and internet sites in the country with daily hits exceeding 5 million. 

Aside from walk-in applicants, we conduct job fairs in different regions of the country to find prospective candidates. Through face-to-face interviews, we carry out a thorough job analysis of applicants to determine their skill levels, competencies, and versatility. 

Receptive and Approachable in Service

For years, Topmake has been the benchmark for international recruitment and staffing business and we owe our success to our expert understanding of the dynamics of the ever changing demands of business. But the most critical element to our success is our great rapport and professional relationship with our foreign clients which developed over the years of doing business with them.